Gurus In The Ganges Part 1 of 3


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With our new digital issue dropping tomorrow, we bring you an early treat from the issue to get you hyped. Our exclusive video Gurus in the Ganges part 1 of 3 featuring Sean Malto, Mark Suciu, Sebo Walker and Nestor Judkins traveling deep into India and witness the largest gathering of human beings ever. Check skateboardermag.com/newissue for the full feature in the digital issue and for more video from India. Video by Patrik Wallner


  • looganida

    Love this series!!! Can you post part 2 & 3? Part 2 run awful on the digi mag, because of the animated page it’s embedded on. : (

  • Bindhi

    WOW! amazing!

  • Robreddy

    WoW! Great effort shown flawlessly. Deserve a special award for not only showing
    great skating but bringing India in true colors to outside world. Incredible…

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